The Joseph Hensler Brewing Company

73 Hamburg Place, Alyea & Hensler Streets

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From - "Newark - The City of Industry" - 1912:

For half a century the name of Hensler has been a familiar one in connection with the brewery business in the city of Newark; as will be seen by a reference to the brewing industry record, this brewery will be found to stand out very prominently as having its full share of the business in manufacturing the mild exhilarating beverage, which will be found upon the tables of the best families in Newark and vicinity. The accompanying illustration (above) shows the plant at Hamburg place, Alyea Street and Hensler Street, from which has gone forth some of the most delicious malt products that ever tickled the palate of the connoisseur.

Joseph Hensler, the founder, who was a thoroughly educated brewer, realized from the very beginning the importance of installing the very best and most modern appliances and machinery that had at that time been invented to manufacture lager beer, as well as other malt liquors. With his practical knowledge of brewing, which comes only from long service and experiments, he has built this vast business from small beginnings to a successful organization. As it stands today, it is among the most complete breweries of the country with a patronage from among the best, who have ever been charmed with the cool effervescing draught, which so pleases the fancy and brings forth the worldwide recommendation of those who know.

The immense vaults, which are kept at a low temperature by the latest improved ice of frost bearing machines are kept full of Lager beer from whence, when in the best stage of its ripened age it is taken forth to dispensers and consumers, in crates, in kegs and in barrels on the immense trucks owned by the company.

This brewer is composed of six buildings that range from two to six stories, has an annual output of almost 200,000 barrels and gives employment to about two hundred workmen, who receive good wages, which adds materially to the industrial growth on Newark, the city of Industry.

The Joseph Hensler Brewing Company is incorporated, with a capital stock of $900,000, and the present owners, sons of the founder, hold the following offices: President, Adolph F. Hensler: vice-president, Richard A. Hensler: secretary and treasurer, Arthur C. Hensler. These gentlemen are all practical brewers. They have the respect and confidence of their fellow men, and are always ready to do their part in any civic movement and fill places of trust with credit to themselves and satisfaction to others. Their influence is also felt in commercial and banking institutions in Newark and vicinity, in whose directorate their names may be found.

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Joe Czachowski writes:

I believe the main reason for the closing of the brewery was a fire. I recall as a child of about 4-5, the day it burned. I don't recall it ever re-opening after that. It was about 1958, so the beer business in the city was on the wane, Ballantine taking its market share leaps, and the smaller ones closing.