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Prudential Life Insurance

761-769 Broad Street (old)
751 Broad Street (new)
Founded 1873

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        The Prudential Insurance Company was founded in 1875 as "The Prudential Friendly Society".  The building pictured above was of Romanesque Gothic architecture and only part of the Prudential Insurance complex. Bank Street, also known as the "Canyon" ran between the main buildings.  The Prudential buildings contain 32,000 tons of Indiana limestone, 11,000 tons of marble, 24,000 tons of iron and steel and 22,000,000 bricks.  The total floor area was 690,000 square feet and the total contents 15,000,000 cubic feet.  The height of the tower is 268 feet and the tower  water tank held 50,000 gallons.  There were 52 elevators, 436 telephones and three connecting tunnels.  The buildings had self contained steam and electric power, water plants and an extensive sprinkler and vacuum system.  

The following is a listing of the Presidents of the Prudential Insurance Company taken from the book "From Three Cents a Week" by William H. A. Carr.

Transcribed by Michelle Groel

  Allen L. Bassett, the first president (1875-1879).

  Noah F. Blanchard, the second president (1879-1881).

  John F. Dryden, the third president (1881-1911)

  Forrest F. Dryden, the fourth president (1912-1922).

  Edward D. Duffield, the fifth president (1922-1938).

  Franklin D'Olier, the sixth president (1938-1946).

  Carrol Meteer, the seventh president (1946-1961).

  Louis R. Menagh,Jr. the eighth president (1961-1962).

  Orville E. Beal, the ninth president (1962-1969).

  Donald S. MacNaughton, the tenth president (1969-1970) also chairman of the board and chief executive officer(1970-   ).

  Kenneth C. Foster, the eleventh president and chief operating officer (1970-1973).

  Robert A. Beck, twelfth president and chief operating officer (1973-   ).





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