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The Central Ward

By Martin Mogavero

South 10th Street School

        I was born and raised in Newark from 1952 to 1970.  My father moved from Pittston Pennsylvania to Newark around 1950.  He owned a TV/Radio repair shop on Bergen Street called Bergen Radio. 

        Sometime in 1952 he moved his business (later called Star Electronics Co.) to 527 Springfield Avenue on the great intersection of Springfield Avenue, 18th Avenue and So 10th Street, just up the street from Wilderotter's furniture store.  The Boston Candy Co. was across the street, as was Martinizing Dry Cleaners, and Vernicks Druggists next door. 

        I remember the Beat cops walking us across the street to go to So 10 Street School.  There were quite a few bakery's, haberdashery's on the way downtown which we used to walk to as kids. We did that often unsupervised!

        It was a great place to live at the time.  A busy town.  Who can forget the cobble stone streets from the Irvington line all the way downtown.  I can remember going to sleep listening to the car tires slapping the stones.  There was also the Kent Bicycle Co. around the corner on Kent Street.  This is exactly where the small piper airplane crashed a few years ago.  How about the smell of the Tastybread Bakery, who can forget that.  Also, remember the Alderny Dairy Co bringing milk to the foyer.  Hard to believe all this went on and has passed long ago.


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